The Landscape Company offers the latest high quality products the landscape industry offers. We believe that quality materials used by experienced installers guarantees a long-lasting result and a beautiful outcome.

We have sourced the best local artisans and we use the most credible products. We focus on commercial grade standards. We don’t buy our products from the big box home stores.  Please take a moment to read through just a few of the manufacturers and products we use.


Pavers offer a wide range of advantages over traditional decorative concrete. They can move or shift, accommodating earth movement and soil expansion while maintaining looks and stability. Concrete does not move. Instead, it cracks. When the paver industry developed the latest versions of decorative paver systems, it naturally solved the biggest problem with hardscape surfaces.

We offer a few of the highest quality manufacturers in Southern California. We install brands from RCP, Belgard, Orco and more. Whether it’s interlocking pavers or Architectural slabs; our installations adhere to the highest standards and produce a beautiful outcome.

Our prep work and strong understanding of the need for a quality installation system helps separate us from the competition and reduces the call-backs common to the industry. Most importantly,  preparation and understanding creates a beautiful result.

Please let us know if you have any question about pavers or any other hardscape surface that catches your eye.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf has been around long enough to establish an industry standard for look and feel. The days of cheesy, fake-looking applications are gone. Ask about beautiful, long-lasting green synthetic turf. 

We carry one of the nation’s leading brands of turf. TigerTurf offers a beautiful and very realistic line of products that will fit your needs.

If you are looking to reduce your maintenance by replacing your lawn or to create a nice-looking, durablespace for you pets, we have the solutions ... TigerTurf turf systems. Call us or request a free estimate and one of our qualified staff will help you make the best decisions based on your needs.

Drought Tolerant Enhancements

California will constantly struggle with water as our community grows. The need to reduce our water consumption is real and you have some great options.

Many believe that drought-tolerant means the desert look. But there are many ways to reduce your water consumption while maintaining a beautiful landscape.

If it’s the desert look, or native California plantings, we can help you understand your option by sharing the latest technology in drip irrigation systems, plant species, rock coverings, hardscape products and synthetic options.  We can help you create a smart plan to reduce your maintenance and utility bills.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be the best investment in your home. It offers an amazing effect and creates a visual benefit that sunlight can’t offer; mood lighting. We use FL Luminaire, the best manufacturer in the landscape lighting industry, to create our stunning light shows. All the technology is low-voltage LED fixtures with the highest quality fixture materials. Give us a call so we can set up an in-home demo.

Outdoor Living

Southern California is where “Outdoor Living” was born. We have the weather and landscape that promotes extending our living spaces to the outside.

Functioning outdoor kitchens, patio covers with living room style furniture, enchanting fire features and piped in sounds system are just a few quality features of outdoor living.  Let us help you build the perfect space to enjoy the California afternoons and nights.