Four Reasons to Formalize Your Landscape Vision

Why Landscape Plan might be just what you need for your landscape.


10,000 hours of practice. The daily discipline of small habits. Driven to be the best. There are a lot of ideas about high level achievement and excellence. The truth is some people are just really good at what they do. One thing we know from experience is that good planning makes a difference.

If your goal is to create the perfect outdoor space, apply specific, accurate planning. It’s the difference between simple achievements and simply amazing. What do you have in mind: a functional garden, a space for entertaining, or a place to unwind and meditate?

Like us, you probably want to see a high standard set for every project in your living space. Using a Landscape Plan will help achieve that standard time after time. A few benefits to this approach include:

  1. Clarity of purpose. Creating the finished picture before you start any practical work pays dividends. It gives you a chance to visualize, spot problem areas, try different ideas and dream a little. Sometimes your ideal vision appears after researching the best options. Advice from the experts is always useful, but owning the journey yourself is important.

  2. Long-term value. Well-drawn plans and accurate measurements may cost you now, but will save time and money over the life of your project. How? Efficiency. With Landscape Plan, you know exactly what to expect and everyone involved can work faster and smarter. There’s no guesswork, so less chance of error. Making your project excellent creates less waste. So you win, but so does the environment.

  3. Confidence in the outcome. Excellent planning means you can be confident that what you envisioned will become a reality. You already have the finished image. Now you’re simply transferring it from paper to your property. Agreed milestones allow you the opportunity to ensure that your outdoor specialists have achieved what you set out to do.

  4. Bringing the best. You wouldn’t call a plumber to cook you a gourmet meal. Neither would you have a chef attend to a sewage problem. A unique strength of good planning is that you divide your vision into discrete tasks. Matching specific components of your vision to experts in those fields ensures that this process goes well.

Finally, the most important benefit. When the work is done, you get to live in the exact space you’ve been dreaming of!

Start your own Landscape Plan.