In his own words …

I’ve been involved in the landscape industry since I was 13 years old. I love it and I’ve been self-employed since I was 15. That’s when I installed my first automatic sprinkler system for our next-door neighbor.

By the time I turned 19, I had built a route of 56 accounts and over 300 by the time I was 21.

Later, I went into business with a company doing swimming pool demolition and saw the need for landscape design. Every one of our pool demo customers needed a design.

My partner and I had worked together before. Now he was providing design services to our pool customers. We realized this was a perfect fit and we created today’s The Landscape Company.

Neither of us wanted employees, so we created a business model that is a win-win for everybody. I get to communicate with customers. We give them the detail they need to feel all their questions are answered and more. We come up with new ideas. We work together with everybody on the project to figure out different ways to get things done.

It’s the way things ought to be.